Product range

IDS guarantees a high quality, professional product range

From heavy duty and industrial diesel to sustainable fuels: IDS offers it all

IDS is dedicated to the needs of international Commercial Road Transport. Therefore, our product range is composed entirely for professional use. The high quality products allow for servicing a variety of different customers. From heavy-duty diesel and industrial (red) diesel, to several sustainable fuels, IDS has it all.

Product Range

Heavy-duty diesel

Conventional diesel is set to remain of great importance for the next few years, especially for heavy vehicles. Even though different markets are stimulating the use of new fuels, diesel is expected to remain the dominant fuel for fleets of heavy trucks for decades to come. Our unique blend of diesel is a result of many years of research in our R&D centre, and has been developed and tested extensively for maximum performance in all weather conditions.


The European Union is trying to stimulate the use of LNG for heavy road transportation, but the market is still developing. IDS Q8, being an innovator, developed an LNG site ahead of the market. A pilot site in Rotterdam Botlek has been launched, located close to the port of Rotterdam. Through this opening, IDS aims to expand its activity to alternative energies and provide service to those CRT companies that are developing LNG fleets. A further extension of LNG fuelling locations in our network is planned for the near future.

Red diesel (Industrial Gasoline)

Continuous temperature control is one of the most important factors to ensure the quality of your products.Therefore, the availability of Red diesel, while securing a correct and efficient pricing scheme, is of the utmost importance. Guaranteeing Red diesel refuelling to our customers by transporting refrigerated products across Europe, IDS has almost 50 strategically located service stations spread over five countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland.

Bio-diesel (HVO)

Second-generation bio diesels, such as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), are up and coming. The emission-reducing effects of bio diesel depend heavily on the material used, and can be over 50%, resulting in an impressive impact on the environment. Depending on the blend, most regular diesel engines (up to Euro 3) can either handle bio diesel or can easily be modified to do so. Currently, IDS only offers HVO on the Swedish sites in our network.



Due to the increasing importance of AdBlue, IDS has developed an extensive AdBlue network in order to ensure our customers enjoy optimal availability. IDS currently operates 327 sites throughout our whole Europe network, and that number is continuously increasing. In line with all IDS quality fuels, AdBlue quality is regulated by the DIN V 70070 standard.